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Smooth by Slicy is an anti-pinch flat tyre insert. Made from high density closed cell EVA foam, the Smooth is designed to protect your rims from impacts and your tyres from pinch flats.

Our 2.0 version aquires a new Honeycomb skin to provide a better shock absorption and an increased foam density. It also provide a slicker finish to help the sealant doesn’t stick to the foam.

Air and Sealant flow is always optimized thanks to our Cut-out shape at the center of the foam.

The Smooth tyre insert is sold per unit.

Assets :

– easy mounting – cut to desired format (29, 27.5 or 26 inches)
– protect rims from impacts and damages
– anti-pinch Flat system
– help to finish your run flat
– run lower pressures. Increase your grip
– designed for a perfect air and sealant flow inside the tyre
– high density closed cell EVA foam – cannot absorb any sealant – Lightweight

– No need for special tubeless valves

Features :


135 gr ( 29″)

Dækbredde : 2.2 til 2.6

Fælgbredde : fra 25 til 35mm

Tyk : 15mm

Smooth PLUS

165 gr (29″+)

Dækbredde: 2.7 til 3.0

Fælgbredde fra 35 til 45mm

Tyk : 15mm

Mounting :

1/ Cut to desired format (29, 27.5 or 26 inches) (29″ = no cut needed).

2/ Stick both ends with the double-face adhesive tape.

3/ Add the velcro strap.

4/ Insert Smooth inside the tyre (as easily as an air tube).

5/ Add sealant (normal dose).

6/ Close and inflate the tyre.

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